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Social Impact Of The Bpo Industry

There are some industries which have changed the face of Earth. The iron and steel industry, the clothing mills and the printing press are some of them. They have defined modern civilization as we know it. However, no single industry has got the social impact generated by the BPO sector. The effect is of greater value when you look at how it changed the social fabric and thought of some of the most conservative areas of the world. Call center units in the third world countries brought graveyard shifts in vogue. The answering service agents redefined the workplace atmosphere from somber and grave to fun and sporty. Working, while studying in a college, was suddenly the in thing.

The BPO industry has changed the spending habits of the working class. Suddenly you had this dynamic group of young call center professionals with liquid cash on their hands that they were willing to spend. Because they were willing to splurge, consumer goods and gadget manufacturers sat up and took notice. They had a steady base of customers that would buy a good product, even if it was steeply priced. Thanks to these call center services industry, other business sectors had more money coming in. These businesses began to flourish only on the strength of the money that came rolling from the employees of the business outsourcing sector.

Another impact on the social framework would be the BPO work timings. Many of these places that are now BPO hubs, used to be very resistant to changes. The workforce had no faith in business ventures that required them to work at night! With the coming of call center units, the scenario changed. Many of the answering service agents were looked down upon initially because they went out to work when the others came home. The ideas changed soon. People began to accept that this was a unique work set-up. They were more comfortable with the idea of working night shifts. Even women were game for graveyard shifts. The dangers that the odd working hours posed to health took a backseat in the minds of these driven professionals.

Consumerism continued to get fuelled by the BPO employees. They had more money on their hands than what the earlier generations could make. The young call center employees were able to buy property and lifestyle objects, things that their parents could obtain only after saving for years. The more important part was that these young call center services employees were game for the challenge. They were not in this for only money anymore. This was another perception which took a beating. Initially many thought of the business outsourcing industry as a stop-gap arrangement before they moved to mainstream professions.

The concept of mainstream changed because BPO firms were able to provide jobs to the unemployed while other reliable industries, like retail and insurance, reeled under the impact of the recession. Many believed that the call center business would take a tumble because of the recession. That didnt happen. Rather, the answering service industry climbed to greater heights with growth percentages that looked astronomical when compared with those of other sectors.

Catering – a Growth Industry in Busy Times

The world of ‘catering’ is now a very far cry from simple sandwiches for office staff, or an occasional Directors lunch.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of catering companies throughout the UK. Some are small businesses providing mobile catering solutions, perhaps for small public events like fetes or open days. Others are multi million pound companies who specialise in catering for the country’s most high profile parties and occasions.

And catering isn’t just about food any more either. In fact plenty of today’s catering companies also provide drink, decoration and even entertainment as part of their product. More party planners than simple caterers, companies like Create or “rhubarb”, also have fingers in the retail pie too – running restaurants and bars as well as event catering arms.

Catering consultants are a fairly new phenomenon. Catering consultants (such as Merrit-Harrison and Turpin Smale) are people or organisations whose sole job is to assist other businesses in their own food and beverage arena. In the upcoming London 2012 Olympics for example there will be a huge demand for good catering consultants. They will be tasked with helping businesses to perfect the art of entertaining their corporate clients for the Olympic period. Many catering consultants are already busy helping hotels and restaurants create, improve or simply enhance their product in the run up to the Games. Let’s face it – it will be one of the busiest event and hospitality times the UK has even seen, so there is a great deal of money to be made getting it right!

As the catering industry has grown and diversified, so too has the scope of catering creativity these companies offer. Event catering, for example, is no longer just about dinner for 200 guests. Now a good catering company may offer you the choice of stalls service (where guests can help themselves to freshly cooked and served food); wok stations – a superbly theatrical way to serve hot fresh food en masse; sushi and sashimi bars; or even roving oyster shuckers. All are new ways of serving fresh, fabulous and of course visually impressive food quickly and efficiently.

The top catering companies employ Creative Managers and Designers whose sole job it is to ensure these ideas are always cutting edge and that the catering product continues to be unusual and effective. After all, as with any industry, it is those companies who evolve and develop their product effectively who do best in their market.

But of course catering doesn’t have to have the ‘wow factor’ either. Just good delicious food is a winning formula in some catering markets. Some companies for example specialise in creating (and delivering to your door) superb yet simple food, sourced and cooked brilliantly and aimed at reducing the time we spend in our kitchens. Classic fish pies and cottage pies perhaps, handmade chicken goujons for the kids, or a simple (cheat’s’ dinner party) cheesecake – all food that perhaps you might pre-order for a weekend away with friends perhaps, just to make a little less work yourself!

After all, that is what catering in all its forms is about – making a little less work for us, be it one less sandwich to make before our working day or one less dinner party to cater for, one less party for 1000 to organize, or one less headache on the corporate hospitality front.

Author Bio: Sara Allom writes about the growth of the catering industry and the rise of catering consultants in the build up to the 2012 Olympics. Its an exciting time to be a UK catering company.